What is BGP Anycast?

Anycast, at a very basic level, is when a collection of servers share the same IP address and data is sent from a source computer to the server that is topographically closest. Anycast is used primarily for load balancing to allow the server topographically closest to a user to handle their request. This helps cut down on latency and bandwidth costs and improves load time for users.

The principal of Anycast is that a single IP address is advertised in the BGP messages of multiple routers. As this propagates across the Internet, routers become aware of which of their neighbours provides the short topographical path to the advertised IP address.

BGP Anycast Hosting Plans


  • 1 Server in NY & 1 Server in LA
  • 1 Anycast IP
  • V-GRID-1 Specs
  • VPS Management


  • 1 Server in NY & 1 Server in LA
  • 2 Anycast IP's
  • V-GRID-2 Specs
  • VPS Management


  • 1 Server in NY & 1 Server in LA
  • 3 Anycast IP's
  • V-GRID-3 Specs
  • VPS Management